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The tokenomics of Gookaa are designed to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem. With a limited total supply and a deflationary mechanism through token burns, we ensure that the value of the Gookaa token is protected and grows over time.

Tokensymbol: GOOKAA

LP: Burned

CA: 4Qhtq9M3fBttBDPvYDJ3KhMrcLchEbCKU3ntdQcHyUPP

The liquidity pool was strategically burned, a significant step towards fostering fairness and transparency in trading on the Gookaa token. This deliberate action aims to create a more balanced and equitable ecosystem for our token holders, promoting trust and stability within our growing community.

Liquidity Burned

Our vision is to grow our cleaning business beyond Thailand and establish ourselves as a major player in the industry. With a focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to reaching new heights and becoming a trusted name in cleaning services worldwide.

Future Developing

More coming soon...

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