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Welcome to the GOOKAA Terms and Conditions page. By continuing to browse and use our website and services, you fully agree to the terms and conditions outlined below, which, in conjunction with our privacy policy, govern the relationship between you and GOOKAA concerning this website and its services.


1. Booking and Fees: When you make a booking through GOOKAA, we facilitate the services for your clean. Once the clean is completed, the fees paid to our cleaners/cleaning company partners are non-refundable (unless caused by a company violation). The pricing scheme may be updated by the Company on a going-forward basis.

2. Responsibility: GOOKAA cannot be held responsible for the unlawful acts of cleaners/cleaning company partners and users.


3. Background Checks: GOOKAA conducts background checks on cleaners/cleaning company partners directly and indirectly through third-party background check services. Users should exercise common sense and caution for personal safety and property protection. Users agree to hold GOOKAA free from liability for damages and/or missing items during or after using the cleaner/cleaning company partner services through GOOKAA.


4. Confidentiality: You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all the information in your account.


5. Cancellation Policy: To cancel a booking, a minimum of 12 hours' notice is required. Cancelation can be done on app or notification must be in written format and sent to []. If less than 12 hours, a charge of 50% will be applied to cover relevant expenses.


6. Age Restriction: Users under the age of 18 shall not register or transact on the website.


7. Responsibility for Belongings and Interiors: Clients are solely responsible for their belongings and house interiors during the cleaning session. GOOKAA is not responsible for damages or stolen belongins.

Payment Method: We accept payments online using credit/debit cards.

Refund/Return Policy: Refunds will be processed through the original mode of payment.

Quality Assurance Program/Quality Control Policy: We conduct random quality inspections regularly to review the quality of our crew members' work during their duty. If this happen, the customer will be informed and asked for permission.

Reporting Issues: Issues such as missing/stolen items should be reported within 12 hours, while damaged items should be reported within 24 hours.

GOOKAA Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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